Advana Network Expansion | 365 Smartshop x Screenverse

Advana expands its DOOH network to 9,000+ locations, offering brands nationwide exposure in diverse venues, including workplaces and colleges.

Advana Empowers Brands with Nationwide Exposure: Self-Service Micro Markets Reach 9,000+ Locations

New York, NY [September 12, 2023] - Advana, the trailblazing DOOH network in self-service food and beverage micro markets, is thrilled to announce its remarkable network expansion, now reaching over 9,000 locations nationwide. Advana is part of 365 Retail Markets, which represents the largest workplace digital advertising network in the world through its brand portfolio.

Over the years, Advana has solidified its position as the unrivaled industry leader with a lion's share of access to national micro market presence. With this ambitious network expansion, Advana is providing brands with unparalleled opportunities to launch national, regional, statewide, or hyper-local ad campaigns.

The Advana network boasts an extensive presence across a diverse range of venues, including office spaces, manufacturing facilities,distribution centers, corporate campuses, and coworking spaces. With this expansion, Advana is also entering hospitals, hotels, college campuses, and other exciting locations.

The vast reach of the Advana network ensures access to a broad spectrum of consumers, ranging from blue-collar to white-collar professionals, encompassing over 7.5 million monthly active consumers. The top 5 job titles held by customers in Advana micro markets include Machine Operator, Picker/Packer, Supervisor, Associate, and Assembly Worker.

Using 365 Retail Markets’ technology, food service operators offer a diverse array of fresh and healthy food choices to their micro market consumers. These consumers spend an average of $22 per month over 11 visits, providing an immense number of potential  views for ads displaying through the Advana network. Brands looking to reach consumers at the workplace and other out-of-home settings can rely on the Advana network for a significant number of impressions.

“Advertisers are realizing the power of reaching consumers in places outside of their traditional retail channels, such as workplaces where they are spending a larger portion of their days”, says Krishna Vedula, Chief Technology Officer for 365 Retail Markets. “Through the Advana network, we are able to provide the right advertising real estate in the right place, adding immense value for both advertisers and consumers alike.”

Screenverse, a leader in ad monetization, ad management, and sales, holds programmatic selling rights for the Advana network. As the network expands, brands can now effortlessly reach a vast audience of working professionals at scale by purchasing Advana DOOH inventory through their DSP of choice via the Screenverse network.

“This momentous expansion presents an exciting opportunity not only for CPG brands seeking to advertise at the point of purchase but also for operators and consumers alike,” said Adam Malone, President & Co-founder at Screenverse. “With a versatile range of Advana Advertising DOOH Endpoints, including enterprise kiosks, digital signage, and compact tablet payment processors, brands have the freedom to craft captivating campaigns to reach their target consumers right at the point of purchase.”

Advana's momentum in network expansion represents an exciting leap forward for the industry, connecting brands with millions of consumers in diverse locations across the nation. With this groundbreaking development, Advana continues to redefine the landscape of food & beverage micro markets advertising capabilities.


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