The OOH Insider Show | Programmatic 101 w/ Adam Malone (Part 2!) | Screenverse

Adam Malone of Screenverse shares insights on programmatic DOOH on OOH Insider, emphasizing data's role in inventory sales and industry growth.

The OOH Insider Show

In an enlightening episode of the OOH Insider podcast, Adam Malone, the visionary Co-Founder and President of Screenverse, dives deep into the evolving world of programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising. As a frontrunner in ad management and monetization, Screenverse is revolutionizing how digital screen owners optimize their revenue streams through a blend of direct, programmatic, and systematic direct sales channels.

Adam shares crucial insights on the importance of leveraging both direct sales and programmatic tools to sell inventory effectively. He emphasizes the strategic advantage of making inventory available on the open exchange and the critical role of data in understanding bid activity. Furthermore, Adam highlights the potential of programmatic tactics in engaging companies early in their buying journey, enhancing the strategic communication and planning process.

A significant challenge discussed is the difficulty in calculating OOH impressions due to the lack of standardized measurement methods. Adam calls for the industry to advance in pinpointing data for more accurate targeting, addressability, and contextual relevancy, which are vital for elevating the precision and effectiveness of DOOH campaigns.

Adam's vision for the future of the industry includes a call for honesty and the establishment of goodwill with advertisers. In a time when the buying climate is more critical than ever, these values are paramount for fostering trust and driving mutual growth.

This episode is a must-listen for industry professionals seeking to navigate the complexities of programmatic DOOH advertising and for those aspiring to innovate within the OOH landscape. Join us in exploring Adam Malone's expert insights and discover how Screenverse is leading the charge towards a more dynamic and data-driven future for digital outdoor advertising.


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