Programmatic Digital Billboards

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Introducing Unprecedented Access to Digital Billboards:
In an exclusive partnership, Screenverse and Apparatix, a leading provider of software solutions for the DOOH sector, have shattered barriers to bring you programmatic access to premium digital independent billboards across the United States. This collaboration is not just a partnership; it's a revolution in the digital billboard programmatic space.
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The Game-Changing Equation: Screenverse + Apparatix Billboards = Unparalleled Access
Before this alliance, the vast inventory of this digital billboard inventory was not accessible for the programmatic market. Now, as the exclusive authorized programmatic media seller, Screenverse and Apparatix are empowering buyers with an extraordinary opportunity to enrich their media mix. Gain access to markets that were once challenging to secure large-format inventory in, all at an exceptional, efficient CPM.

Digital Billboard Operators In Our Universe

Key Features of the Screenverse + Apparatix Billboard Network

Digital Billboards
Our rapidly growing network spans over 1,300 digital billboards strategically positioned across the nation, providing advertisers with unparalleled access to high-impact advertising opportunities.
Media Owners
We provide a wide range of large-format billboard inventory that accommodates your particular needs, no matter how specialized, thanks to a diverse network of over 50 independent media owners.
DMAs covered
With a geographic reach extending across more than 80 designated market areas (DMAs), your message will effortlessly reach the right audience, even in the most hard-to-reach areas of the US.
Monthly Impressions
Our network generates over 50 million monthly impressions, offering your brand the visibility it deserves on a massive scale.

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Seize this opportunity to elevate your advertising strategy with Screenverse and Apparatix, where programmatic meets premium digital billboards, and the result is unparalleled access and impact. Join us in shaping the future of programmatic advertising in the DOOH space.
Benefits for Buyers
Efficiency is the heartbeat of successful advertising, and we've made it our mission to simplify the process for you. Our programmatic solution offers a single access point, streamlining the buying process. Navigate effortlessly through our user-friendly interface, allowing advertisers to manage campaigns seamlessly across multiple billboards and locations, saving you precious time and effort.



Competitive Pricing, Transparent Solutions

Say goodbye to the complexities of varying billboard prices. We've simplified our pricing structure to offer a single, competitive billboard price point. This approach ensures transparency, empowering advertisers to make informed decisions without the headache of deciphering complex pricing models. With a streamlined and straightforward pricing approach, we enable you to optimize your budgets effectively.

Pricing Optimization for Maximum ROI

Your success is our priority. Leveraging real-time data and analytics, we focus on pricing strategies to maximize your return on investment. Rest assured that your advertising budget is allocated efficiently, delivering optimal results for every campaign.

Real-Time Data and Analytics

Data is power. With Screenverse+Apparatix, you gain access to real-time data and analytics, empowering you to make informed decisions. Measure campaign performance, track audience engagement, and optimize your strategies based on actionable insights, resulting in better campaign outcomes.

Unlocking New Opportunities

Our partnership unleashes new opportunities for advertisers to achieve their desired campaign results. By combining our expertise and resources, we offer a powerful programmatic solution that delivers high impact, targeted reach, cost-effectiveness, and measurable results.

Buy Type Flexibility

Choose your preferred path. Our billboard inventory can be bought directly or through Vistar and Place Exchange SSPs, providing flexibility tailored to your needs.
Why Digital Billboards are Crucial in Programmatic
Digital billboards have become the cornerstone of programmatic DOOH advertising, offering:
  • High Impact
  • Targeted Reach
  • Real-time Optimization
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Measurable Results
Proof: Value of Effectiveness across Programmatic Activations
As proven by a recent study by Vistar Media, digital billboards have a remarkable track record:
  • Lift in awareness on 72% of campaigns
  • Lift in consideration on 82% of campaigns
  • Lift in intent on 79% of campaigns
  • Lift in foot traffic on 67% of campaigns
These results underscore the enduring significance of billboards as a timeless staple in the dynamic landscape of digital out-of-home advertising.