Advertise in Doctors Offices, Urgent Cares and Pharmacies

Reach a health-conscious audience when it matters
Step into the realm of targeted media solutions designed to evoke confidence and drive patient action. Whether it's the quiet ambiance of an exam room, while they are browsing for products in a pharmacy, or the bustling atmosphere of a high-volume physician's office, we tailor campaigns to optimize results. 

Our state-of-the-art digital advertising networks, strategically placed on waiting room screens and pharmacies, ensure your message captivates patients at the point of care. 
A DOOH screen in an office where a doctor talks to a patient
A DOOH screen located in a Walmart Pharmacy
11 million patients per year switch brands as a result of healthcare advertising at their point of care. Adults who saw healthcare ads in a doctor's office or pharmacy are 84% more likely than the average U.S. adult to discuss the ad with their doctor.

Elevate your healthcare marketing strategy with us—where patient engagement is not just a goal; it's our commitment.

Health Category Operators In Our Universe

Pursuant Health
A photo of Walmart Pharmacy
Located in thousands of Walmart pharmacy locations nationally
Every month, Pursuant Health kiosks welcome 3.5 million actively engaged shoppers seeking health information. Positioned strategically in high-visibility pharmacy locations, the digital displays become the optimal canvas for informing nearby consumers about health and wellness products. 

Reach health-minded shoppers as they fill prescriptions and explore personal care products—a prime opportunity to spotlight seasonal items and launch new products.
Maximizing Reach with the Top Sign:
The top sign, a 20-inch monitor boasting a resolution of 1600x900, is the ultimate way to connect with consumers at scale within a health-focused environment. Shoppers encounter content while filling prescriptions, perusing health products, or simply strolling by the pharmacy area. 

The top sign runs a dynamic loop of videos and static images—designed for quick absorption without audio. Messages reach their full potential with a glance.
Meet the Pursuant Health Audience: Health-Conscious, Diverse, and Engaged:
As proven by a recent study by Vistar Media, digital billboards have a remarkable track record:
  • Demographics: 55% Male, 45% Female
  • Diversity: 49% Caucasian, 21% Hispanic, 14% African American
  • Engagement: 20% of users are repeat customers
  • Accessibility: 90% of Americans live within 10 miles of a Walmart store
  • Shopping Behavior: Over 48% of Walmart shoppers explore the Health & Wellness section during their trip

Health Category Operators In Our Universe

Screenverse Health
In collaboration with Mesmerize
A DOOH screen in a pharmacy
Engage patients at the point of care through our extensive network of thousands of high-visibility digital screens featuring best-in-class editorial and educational content. With an impressive consumer dwell time of 11 minutes and 40 seconds in front of our screens, you have the unique opportunity to transform waiting time into valuable learning moments.

The Mesmerize network, in collaboration with Nielsen, has meticulously gathered key demographic information of the people who see our ads. The results speak volumes:
Consumer Motivation
48% were inspired to discuss a product or brand with their physician after exposure to our ads. 49% felt encouraged to engage with their pharmacist about a product or brand.
Purchase Impact
23% made an over-the-counter (OTC) product purchase on the same day as their visit.
Believability & Recall
74% of viewers find product ads more believable when viewed in a pharmacy setting. A remarkable 65% overall ad-recall rate highlights the lasting impression our platform delivers.
Screenverse Health Audience
Demographics: 59% female, 41% male
Age Distribution: 44% 55+ years old, 40% 35-54 years old, 16% 18-34 years old
Familial Role: 52% are caretakers of others
Healthcare Advertising That Works:
At Screenverse, we prioritize the quality of our ad inventory, meticulously crafting a network with strategically designed ad units to deliver impactful results. Our commitment to transparency is evident in our partnerships with third-party measurement companies, validating the effectiveness of our approach. 

Dive into this compelling case study focused on the Pursuant Health network, showcasing the profound impact of DOOH advertising within pharmacies. Discover the potential of elevating your brand through our meticulously curated ad inventory.
An advertising screen featured within a pharmacy
A Pursuant Health kiosk located at the end of an aisle in Walmart Pharmacy
A prominent low-dose aspirin brand aimed to boost sales following their natural peak in February (heart health month).
The brand executed a high-frequency campaign featuring digital advertising placements on the Pursuant Health kiosk.
Key Findings:
  • The products highlighted in the campaign experienced an impressive average sales lift of 20% year over year.
  • Among surveyed shoppers who encountered the kiosk during their last pharmacy visit, an astounding 82% recalled the aspirin brand's ads.
  • 8 out of 10 shoppers exposed to the campaign reported feeling a heightened sense of positivity about the brand.
  • 3 out of 4 shoppers expressed that the ads increased their likelihood of purchasing the brand's products.

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Pursuant health DOOH advertising screen located in Walmart Pharmacy