Entertainment, Bar & Restaurant Inventory

TouchTunes jukebox showing advertising in a Buffalo Wild Wings
Amplifying Brand Presence Through Music and Technology
We believe that advertising should resonate beyond visuals—it should strike a chord, stir emotions, and create lasting connections. We offer brands a unique opportunity to elevate their presence through the universal language of music and television.

A decision is going to be made when someone walks into a bar or restaurant – and it has impact with the people that they are with. It’s a powerful marketing moment to be on-premise during that decision making process.

Advertising on-premise gives your brand the opportunity to influence decisions in real-time.
Engage Audiences During Social Moments
With a vast network of digital jukeboxes and televisions spanning bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues across the nation, our inventory allows your brand to connect with diverse audiences on a local and national scale. Whether it's a night out with friends or a solo session at the local pub, your brand becomes woven into the fabric of these social experiences.
When you choose Screenverse as your strategic partner, you gain access to a wealth of additional benefits that set our inventory apart:

Reach the Social Gen Z & Millennials

Tap into the vibrant social scene with 44% of this demographic visiting bars four or more times a week. Achieve a substantial 144 Index against A21-29 for heightened engagement.

Detailed Venue Type Targeting

Precision is key. Target your audience by geography, distribution, time, venue type, music genre, and language. From neighborhood bars and sports bars to nightclubs and LGBTQ locations, tailor your campaign with unrivaled specificity.

Dynamic Delivery

Stay relevant in real-time. Trigger your ad copy based on external events such as weather or sports scores, ensuring your message aligns seamlessly with the moment.

100% Viewability

Enjoy full-screen content with no interruptions. Your advertising holds the spotlight without pop-ups or scrolling distractions. Ads only run during operating hours, ensuring maximum visibility.

Video or Static Creatives

From dynamic video clips to attention-grabbing static visuals, your message can shine in durations ranging from 6 to 30 seconds.
A chart that showcases the efficacy of DOOH advertising

On-Premise Advertising, Real Sales Impact

Witness the power of TouchTunes advertising with remarkable sales gains. In three separate studies conducted for well-established liquor brands, our media generated a minimum of 17% and up to 26% sales lift for the advertised brands in a test vs. control setting.

Entertainment Operators In Our Universe


Your Gateway to Captivating Audiences
Reach music enthusiasts, sports fanatics, social butterflies, and diverse demographics with TouchTunes—the world's largest network of interactive digital jukeboxes. Nestled within bars, restaurants, and sports entertainment venues, TouchTunes leverages the synergy of music and technology to connect brands directly or programmatically. Seize attention with unskippable full-screen videos, static images, and custom interactive elements, all within a 100% brand-safe environment.
A TouchTunes screen showcasing an ad from Ford

True Sync Media

Elevating Presence in Prime Locations
Step into high-traffic locations with True Sync Media—an exclusive in-house TV network designed for bars and restaurants, delivering engaging, fast-paced content. Immerse your audience with 45 minutes of entertainment, 12 minutes of brand advertising, and 3 minutes of venue promotions. This presents a unique opportunity for brands and venues to collaborate on promotions and content that not only entertain but significantly boost product sales.

Ready to turn up the volume on your brand?

Seize this opportunity to outperform with Screenverse, where engaging your audience is not just a strategy—it's our expertise. Contact us now and discover the unmatched possibilities that await.
Elevate Your Brand in Premier Chain Restaurants & Bars
Immerse your brand in a sea of possibilities with our vast array of ad units, spanning local pubs, bars, and restaurants. As a testament to our commitment to excellence, we proudly represent exclusive inventory in renowned chains—icons of quality and popularity.
Advertise Strategically in Key Timeframes
Seize the spotlight during pivotal moments, aligning your brand with the heartbeat of cultural and sporting events. From the excitement of the Super Bowl to the tradition of the Kentucky Derby, we offer prime advertising slots during:
  • Sporting Events:
    Super Bowl • Kentucky Derby • March Madness • US PGA • Stanley Cup Finals • NBA Finals • Summer X Games • US Open • World Series
  • Core Holidays:
    Black History Month • Valentine’s Day • International Women’s Day • St. Patricks Day • Mother’s Day • Memorial Day • Pride Month • Father’s Day • Independence Day • Labor Day • Halloween • Thanksgiving • Black Friday • Christmas • New Year’s Eve
  • Concerts & Festivals:
    Boston Calling • Governor’s Ball • Bonnaroo • Lollapalooza • Life is Beautiful • South by Southwest • Coachella • Stagecoach • Electric Daisy Carnival
Touchtunes Bars Outperform Other Media
In a commissioned study by Vistar for a major BevAl campaign in 2017 with MFour, the superiority of TouchTunes bars in achieving key performance indicators (KPIs) was evident. Our bars outperformed other media channels significantly. Contact us for detailed case studies in the entertainment category.