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Screenverse is committed to applying our expertise and giving each media owner we work with the ability to open new programmatic revenue opportunities. 

Why work with Screenverse?

Robust Communication

Utilize Screenverse's brand and marketing engine for effective repositioning and education of demand channels.

Economies of Scale

Expand into new channels cost-effectively by hiring experts to represent your advertising, eliminating the need for additional internal staff.

Single Access Point

Remove programmatic selling workload with Screenverse's streamlined approach.

Programmatic Pricing Expertise

Rely on Screenverse's proprietary technology in making informed decisions about pricing in the marketplace.

Increased New Revenue

Access a broader pool of advertisers, generating new revenue and national dollars without cannibalizing existing business.

No Loss of Inventory

Utilize preemptible and remnant space without sacrificing existing advertising inventory.

Flawless Execution

Deliver flawless execution with top-notch technology and operations.

Insights Suite

Access real-time insights through Screenverse's user-friendly portal, offering comprehensive data on inventory performance at any time.

Third-Party Validation

Benefit from centralized impression measurement through Screenverse's exclusive partnerships, providing third-party validation for advertising efforts.

Our Partners

In November of 2022, Apparatix selected Screenverse to spearhead their programmatic initiative. The partnership, including over 1,300 billboards and more than 55 individual operators, is designed to help independent billboard operators garner their fair share of the programmatic pie.
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The largest network of interactive digital jukeboxes in the world. Located inside Bars, Restaurants, and Sports Entertainment venues.
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Branded in-house TV network for bars and restaurants, providing engaging, fast paced content.
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Point-of-Care & Pharmacy
A leading network of state of the art digital screens in pharmacies and doctors’ offices.
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Health kiosks with high-visibility top screens that consumers see while filling prescriptions, browsing for health products or just walking by the pharmacy area.
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Residential & Office
In the lobbies of upscale residences and office buildings, theBulletin provides digital screens and community boards that reach affluent, coveted audiences.
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A captivating IoT connected directory screen network improving the experience for office building tenants and visitors.
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Gas Stations & EV Charging
FuelMedia TV is an audio-enabled digital place based media network, located at fuel and convenience locations.
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An innovative Electric Vehicle Charging Station that seamlessly integrates EV charging with out-of-home advertising.
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Urban Panels & Retail
Corner Media Logo
Digital urban kiosks in premier high-traffic, pedestrian locations.
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Smartify Media is a digital outdoor advertising network that targets pedestrians, vehicles and in-store retail traffic in an audience-driven approach.
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A self-service food & beverage area in the heart of the workplace with ad-supported displays.
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Key duplication kiosk located in major grocery and retail chains such as Kroger, Albertsons, Safeway, Rite Aid, and 7-Eleven.
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Recycling kiosk located at the front entrance of major grocery stores, pharmacies and other retailers.  
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