Revolutionizing Out-of-home Billboard Advertising

Trailhead Media's success story highlights the transformative power of the Screenverse + Apparatix partnership, setting a new standard in DOOH advertising.

Trailhead Media's Success and the Impact of the Screenverse + Apparatix Partnership

In the dynamic landscape of media acquisitions and advertising, Trailhead Media has emerged as a beacon of success and innovation. Their story, brilliantly captured in a recent article on Billboard Insider featuring an interview with COO John Murrow, is not just about rapid growth but also about strategic vision and adaptability in the face of an evolving industry.

The Screenverse + Apparatix Partnership: A Case Study in Innovation

The recent collaboration between Screenverse and Apparatix has further propelled Trailhead Media, along with 50+ other independent billboard operators, to new heights of success. In 2023, the partnership recognized a multi-million dollar programmatic opportunity in the digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising space, leveraging the 1,300+ billboards within the Apparatix network. 

This partnership represented the first time this billboard opportunity was available to buyers programmatically. Previously, buyers could only access this inventory directly, managing relationships with each media owner individually, posing challenges to campaign activation at scale. Through onboarding the network, within just a few months, Apparatix and each independent billboard operator saw programmatic revenue reach new heights.

Screenverse values the relationships with each independent billboard operator deeply, providing a transparent view into revenue, advertiser data, and the work being done on their behalf. David Weinfeld, CEO & Co-founder of Screenverse, presented at the Unleashed ’23 – Apparatix User Conference, educating media owners on the programmatic ecosystem and the state of the partnership. 

“We signed on with Screenverse on the 1st of September. We’d been connected to Vistar and Place Exchange for years, and it had a very minimal impact on revenue. As soon as we signed on with Screenverse, revenue skyrocketed. I looked at our numbers a couple days ago and we're at $10,000 for the October month just today."

The other benefit that I really appreciate is having the dashboard that you can log into. You can see exactly who's buying your space, what locations they're buying, and what your monthly revenue is. It's very transparent, which I appreciate. Our prior situation was not transparent. I didn't know who was buying our space, what they were buying until eight months later when I got a check in the mail.” said Sharon Cottrell from Whistler Billboards, providing her testimony on the benefits of the Screenverse partnership.

Strategies for Success:

  • Optimized Inventory: Simplifying planning and buying processes enhanced efficiency.
  • Robust Communication: Utilizing Screenverse’s brand and marketing engine, the partnership successfully repositioned and educated demand channels.
  • Data-Driven Approach: Reconfiguring metadata allowed for more precise targeting and optimization.
  • Third-Party Validation: Partnering with PerView for centralized impression measurement bolstered credibility.
  • Price Optimization: Leveraging Screenverse’s proprietary technology, CPMs were optimized to maximize revenue across multiple SSPs.

Impressive Results:

The partnership's strategies led to a nearly 100% increase in revenue in the first half of 2023 compared to the entire previous year. More strikingly, there was a 2,500% year-over-year increase in advertiser spend on the Place Exchange platform. These figures underscore the transformative impact of the partnership on Apparatix's performance.

The Future of Outdoor Advertising

More and more independent billboard operators have opted to join the Screenverse + Apparatix partnership since it’s founding, showcasing how the industry has embraced programmatic advertising. Trailhead Media's vision of incorporating programmatic strategies is not just about keeping pace with technological advancements but about redefining the advertising landscape. The partnership with Screenverse is a testament to this forward-thinking approach, as evidenced by the remarkable financial successes and increased advertiser engagement. 

The collaboration between independent billboard operators, Screenverse, and Apparatix is more than a success story; it's a blueprint for the future of outdoor advertising. Their approach, combining strategic planning, technological innovation, and a deep understanding of the market, has not only resulted in significant revenue growth but has also redefined what is possible in the world of programmatic DOOH advertising. 

Screenverse and Apparatix look forward to onboarding more independent operators into the network and growing the amount of inventory available to buyers at scale in 2024. Contact Screenverse today if you’re an operator looking to join in on this exciting shift in the industry.


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