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We are the most diverse and expansive digital screen network in the real world.

We seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology and top-notch talent to optimize the potential of digital screens in the physical realm.

Our Values


Our partners’ success is our own

At our core, we believe that the success of our partners is not just a business objective, but a deeply ingrained value. We measure our own success by the growth and achievements of the brands and businesses we collaborate with.

Only promise what we can deliver

Honesty and integrity are fundamental to our approach. We understand that trust is the foundation of any successful partnership. We make it a point to set realistic expectations and deliver on our commitments, ensuring that our clients can always rely on us.

The right thing is the right thing

Ethics and moral principles guide our decisions and actions. We firmly believe that adhering to ethical standards and doing what's right, even when it's challenging, is essential to building a sustainable and trustworthy business.

Build for the long-term

Our commitment to the long-term is a cornerstone of our business philosophy. We're not just interested in short-lived success; we aim to create enduring value for our partners and the industry as a whole. This means investing in continuous improvement, cultivating lasting relationships, and constantly adapting to the evolving landscape of digital out-of-home advertising.

What We Do

Sales & Marketing
We recognize the need to enlighten buyers about the distinct advantages of our unparalleled inventory and the diverse audiences we engage. Our dedicated sales and marketing teams invest significant effort into industry education, aiming to showcase the simplicity and efficacy of programmatic transactions.
Our teams meticulously craft robust media plans that span across our inventory types. This strategic approach enables advertisers to penetrate markets seamlessly, ensuring their messages resonate precisely where their target audiences thrive. By offering comprehensive and well-optimized media plans, we facilitate advertisers in reaching their goals and connecting with their audiences with unparalleled efficiency and impact. 
Media Operations
Screenverse propels media owners into market share growth by facilitating programmatic accessibility for large-scale buyers and sellers. We broaden media owners' inventory exposure by connecting them with Screenverse's established programmatic partners, including top SSPs, Point Solution DSPs, and Omnichannel DSPs. This expansion is achieved through meticulous data analysis, injection, inventory management, and data enrichment techniques.
The Screenverse team collaborates closely with buyers, actively participating in the construction and optimization of campaigns. From deal ID setups to direct campaign trafficking, proactive in-flight optimization recommendations, and the provision of POP (proof of performance), Screenverse ensures a comprehensive and effective partnership. Constant communication is a hallmark of our approach, with the team committed to being readily available to support and guide advertisers at every stage of the campaign journey.
Insights Suite
Screenverse opens the door to the data workings behind the scenes for both our media owners and advertisers. Our accessible insights suite empowers proactive decision-making, grounded in the intelligence derived from comprehensive data. At any time, our partners can delve into the intricacies of their campaigns, ensuring a clear understanding and the ability to make informed decisions.
Technology & Pricing Optimization
Our cutting-edge technology serves as a universal data translation layer and a dynamic monetization bridge. Acting as a centralized pricing source, Screenverse facilitates revenue optimization with a keen focus on competitive pricing strategies. Through meticulous data analysis, we adjust ad pricing to maximize the revenue generated from each impression. 
Our approach incorporates marketplace analysis, considering supply, demand, and competition to ensure the highest income potential. Join us in leveraging the power of technology for unparalleled revenue generation and optimization in the advertising landscape.
Inventory Management
To guarantee seamless campaigns spanning our screens nationwide, we meticulously manage all partner metadata. This includes location, size, third-party audience data, product details, and file format organization. Augmented with our extensive data sets, we integrate this information into our systems, enabling robust and flawless campaign planning and execution.
Our commitment to quality extends to rigorous inventory audits, incorporating a detailed QA process. Additionally, we conduct monthly updates to ensure that our partners' inventory is consistently optimized and operational.

Our Leadership

Our success is driven by a dynamic and visionary leadership team that exemplifies our core values and principles. Our leaders bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, steering our company towards excellence in the world of programmatic digital out-of-home advertising.
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A Screenverse team member and her dog at a TouchTunes jukebox
The Screenverse Team at a company retreat

Our Media Partners

Our media partners are not just suppliers; they are trusted allies in our mission to deliver impactful and effective campaigns. We work hand in hand with them to curate prime advertising spaces that captivate audiences and drive results. These partnerships are built on mutual respect, shared goals, and a commitment to delivering exceptional value to our clients.
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History Of Screenverse


Our journey began in 2020 when Screenverse was founded in April. In our inaugural year, we swiftly forged impactful partnerships with leading retail media networks such as Walmart, Kroger, and others. To enhance our managed service, we licensed third-party datasets and technology while welcoming our first full-time employees to the team.


In 2021, we solidified our product-market fit and expanded our network to include nine partners. The addition of our first engineering hires during this growth phase signified continued investment in our team. To demonstrate our commitment to our employees, we invested heavily in employee benefits that we all now enjoy.


Moving into 2022, our focus intensified on scaling operations. Investments in people, processes, and technology were pivotal as we recognized substantial sales growth. Annual sales and revenue soared, achieving an impressive growth rate of over 340%.


The momentum continued into 2023, a year dedicated to achieving escape velocity. We secured tier 1 partnerships with both Vistar and Place Exchange, expanding our network to include 14 unique partnerships. Simultaneously, we continued to invest in and leverage our technology and intellectual property, driving exceptional growth for our partners.


Today, we stand as a trusted partner, at the forefront of digital advertising in the physical world. Tomorrow, our commitment extends further. We bring forth cutting-edge technology and unparalleled service, propelling the advantages of digital and video advertising across millions of screens worldwide.


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