Retail Advertising Inventory

Advertise at the Point of Purchase
Step into the heart of consumer decisions with our strategic advertising placements at high-traffic areas within top retail destinations. Our interactive kiosks, prominently positioned in essential businesses, wield a powerful influence on shopper choices.

KeyMe, the leading key duplication kiosk, is situated in major grocery and retail chains such as Menards, HEB, Albertsons, Safeway, Rite Aid, and 7-Eleven. KeyMe seamlessly integrates into the retail, grocery, and pharmacy environments, capturing the attention of consumers during key life events.
A KeyMe kiosk showing advertising
Elevate Brand Impact with KeyMe 
Positioned strategically in high-traffic areas, with over 80% located near checkout or entrance/exit points, KeyMe kiosks become a dynamic conduit for reaching store shoppers and new movers with eye-level ad units. Generate heightened brand awareness through a continuous loop of impactful :15-second increments, be they static or video. 

Precision targeting options, including kiosk-specific, zip code, DMA, retailer-specific, and proximity targeting, ensure your message resonates with the right audience at the right moment, making every second count for your brand's success. 
Captivating Customers During Key Life Events:
Imagine your brand being present during significant life events such as moving into a new home or acquiring a new car. KeyMe customers don't just duplicate keys; they create memories and make purchases during these pivotal moments.
The Key to Conversion: Unlocking Retail POS Success:
Our strategy isn't just about impressions; it's about conversions. KeyMe customers are not just passive visitors; they actively convert into consumers. Each screen is interactive, with multiple options of ad unit choices.
75% of KeyMe customers make purchases at the retailer's point of sale.
An impressive 55% are first-time customers to that specific location, establishing a powerful bridge between your brand and a new audience.
Reach Unique Audience Segments in Key Retailers
Household Decision Makers
Position your brand in the hands of household decision-makers by leveraging our strategically located screens near points of purchase in major grocery, convenience, and pharmacy locations. Engage with communities where they frequent the most and become an integral part of their decision-making process.
New Movers
Seize the opportunity to connect with the 46% of KeyMe customers who are new movers or have recently experienced a major life event. This dynamic audience is open to trying new brands across various products and services, presenting a golden opportunity to make a lasting impression during key life transitions.
Auto Owners
Tap into the vibrant market of auto owners by reaching customers who are actively copying vehicle keys. Whether they're in retailers like Autozone or engaged in key-related transactions, be the brand that stands out in their automotive journey.
Military Families and College Students 
Our screens transcend demographics, reaching Military Families (35+ million) and College Students (174+ million) at scale with monthly impressions. Join us in saluting the service and supporting the aspirations of these dynamic communities, establishing your brand as a constant presence in their lives.

Advertise in Key Retailers

Retail Advertising Drives Conversion

A major retailer partnered with KeyMedia to amplify a new service using in-store digital screens and email ads, strategically targeting KeyMe customers. The objective was clear—drive awareness and purchase consideration, ultimately converting engagements into service sign-ups. 
Purchase Consideration
Positive Consideration
Kantar's measured impact revealed the campaign's success, delivering media at scale and achieving substantial brand lifts across all categories. Elevate your brand impact with KeyMedia—where success is measured in meaningful results.

The results speak volumes—double-digit lifts in awareness, consideration, and positive opinion, showcasing the effectiveness of our approach.

Your Brand, Their Key to Success

Ready to make your brand an integral part of key life events? Join us in influencing consumer decisions at the point of purchase. Elevate your advertising strategy with KeyMe, where engagement isn't just a concept—it's a conversion.