Nutrafol: An Out-of-Home Advertising Case Study


Nutrafol, a leader in the hair wellness industry, launched a strategic Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) media campaign from December 19, 2023, to February 1, 2024, aimed at enhancing brand awareness, lifting conversion rates, and customer engagement. 

By leveraging advanced location-based analytics and targeting high-visibility locations in the Boston, MA, metro area, Nutrafol aimed to not only increase its visibility but to translate that visibility into measurable consumer actions. 

Nutrafol's OOH advertising campaign made strategic use of theBulletin & Screenverse Office networks to effectively engage with its target demographic. 

Positioned in the lobbies of upscale residential and office buildings, these digital screens are not just promotional tools but integral parts of the daily lives of the residents and professionals who frequent these spaces.

theBulletin & Screenverse office provided Nutrafol with a direct channel to affluent and digitally-savvy audiences. These networks specifically cater to young professionals and high-income earners, predominantly Gen-Z and Millennials, allowing Nutrafol to reach them whether they are at home or work. 

Campaign Overview

Nutrafol's campaign was designed to evaluate the impact of OOH media on brand performance by comparing exposed groups to control groups who were not exposed to the campaign. The campaign leveraged digital billboards and transit media across several key markets, utilizing precise geofencing to capture data on mobile users within proximity to the ads.


The methodology involved the collection of opted-in mobile location data to determine exposure and control groups, followed by a comparison of these groups' actions before and after the campaign. The study focused on measuring conversion rates, specifically looking for increases in actions taken by those exposed to the advertisements compared to those who were not.


1. Brand Awareness: Nutrafol saw a significant lift in conversion rates among the exposed group. The post-campaign conversion rate showed a positive lift of 92.07% for the exposed group, indicating that the campaign effectively influenced consumer behavior toward purchasing or engaging with the brand.

2. Conversion Rate: The positive conversion rate suggests an indirect boost in brand visibility and consumer recall.

3. Audience Engagement: The targeted approach, using geofenced digital ads, ensured high engagement rates, with the campaign reaching a substantial number of unique users- an exposed sample size of 20,642 and a control sample size of 21,577- demonstrating effective audience targeting and media placement.


The success of Nutrafol's OOH campaign in Q1 2024 underscores the value of integrating location intelligence with OOH advertising. This strategic approach not only enhances visibility but also significantly boosts engagement and conversions, providing a clear pathway for brands looking to optimize their advertising strategies.


Nutrafol's OOH advertising campaign represents a strong example of how targeted media placements can lead to substantial improvements in key brand metrics. 

The campaign's ability to convert exposure into action highlights the effectiveness of well-planned and executed OOH strategies in today's digital age. 

These insights serve as valuable lessons for similar brands aiming to enhance their market presence and consumer interaction through innovative advertising techniques.


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