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An advertising screen in a residential lobby
theBulletin transforms the lobbies of upscale residences and office buildings into dynamic spaces with digital screens and community boards, strategically positioned in thriving metro areas. This curated network ensures a direct reach to affluent and sought-after audiences.

For building operators, theBulletin provides a powerful tool to keep tenants and visitors informed and engaged, creating an enhanced sense of community. Simultaneously, advertisers seize the opportunity to connect with Gen-Z, Millennial, and high-income professionals, tapping into a demographic that has become even more accessible due to the surge in remote work.

With 61% of US consumers working from home an average of 3 times a week, residential advertising emerges as the ideal avenue for brands to captivate a core audience.
Key Highlights
  • Over 3,000 screens strategically placed in key metro markets.
  • Audience: Gen-Z/Millennial professionals aged 22-35, with a $75k+ household income.
  • Seamless programmatic integration with Vistar and Place Exchange.
  • GeoPath audited for precision and accuracy.
  • theBulletin screens serve as a valuable source of information with 50% of screen time dedicated to community messaging, local content, and property-specific announcements.
National Prestige, Local Impact:
theBulletin graces luxury apartment buildings nationwide, from the iconic American Copper Building in New York City to Thea at Metropolis in Los Angeles, among countless others.

Elevate your brand's presence and engage with an exclusive audience. Partner with Screenverse for a tailored approach to residential advertising that resonates nationally and connects locally.

Residential & Office Space Operators In Our Universe

Screenverse Office
Powered by Touchsource
Screenverse Office is a dynamic network designed to engage office professionals and visitors through interactive, high-resolution content in Class A office buildings. Positioned strategically in prominent shared spaces within commercial real estate, including lobbies, elevator bays, and atriums, Screenverse Office is not just signage—it's a modern canvas for impactful advertising, public service announcements, and community messaging.

Advertising takes center stage when the digital directory is awaiting use. Your ad creative seamlessly integrates within the mix of listings, building messages, health notices, news, entertainment, sports, and more—ensuring your message reaches the right audience.

PerView's impression measurement offers a granular view of impressions by hour and day. This approach maximizes ad campaign efficiency, guaranteeing that advertisers pay only for valuable impressions during peak office occupancy. Say goodbye to wasted ad spend and hello to a more impactful advertising strategy.
A Targeted Audience of Professionals and High Income Earners:
The Screenverse Office Network is strategically positioned to help advertisers tap into the diverse spectrum of professionals working in law, medicine, media, STEM, financial services, and many more. Reach young professionals, creative minds, and high-end professionals who shape industries and influence decision-making.

Elevate your brand's visibility and connect with a high-profile audience in the professional realm. Explore the possibilities with Screenverse Office today.

Residential & Office Space Operators In Our Universe

A screen inside of an office micro-market for advertising
Advana is a pioneering DOOH network transforming the DOOH advertising landscape within self-service food and beverage micromarkets. Positioned at the heart of workplaces, Advana stands out with an impressive 82% micromarket presence, solidifying its position as the industry leader. Ads are served to a captive and engaged audience with a buying mindset, making purchases daily.
Key Advantages

Key Advantages:


Premium Inventory

Elevate your brand with premium advertising slots in unattended, self-serving food and beverage areas, strategically placed in diverse venues such as office spaces, manufacturing facilities, corporate campuses, hospitals, hotels, and more.

Extensive Reach

The Advana network spans a wide array of locations, ensuring exposure to a diverse audience of over 7.5 million monthly active consumers. From blue-collar to white-collar professionals, reach your target demographic effortlessly.

Consumer Insights

Demographics: 54% male, 46% female
Age Distribution: 48% aged 18-34,
21% aged 35-44, 22% aged >44

Powered by 365 Retail Markets' cutting-edge technology, these micromarkets offer a variety of fresh and healthy food options, enticing consumers to spend an average of $22 per month over 11 visits. With each micro-market boasting 117,000+ SKUs and over 1.7 billion transactions to date, your brand gains unparalleled visibility.

Advertising on the Advana network is perfect for any CPG brand or B2B advertiser looking to reach working professionals.
Why Choose Advana for Your Advertising Needs?

Why Choose ADVANA


Impressive Impressions

With millions of monthly active consumers, brands can tap into a significant number of potential views, ensuring high engagement and visibility.

Diverse Audience

Connect with professionals across various job titles, including Machine Operators, Pickers/Packers, Supervisors, Associates, and Assembly Workers.

Proven Success

Leveraging 365 Retail Markets' technology, the Advana network has demonstrated success in delivering effective advertising solutions to brands looking to captivate consumers in the workplace and other out-of-home settings.

Elevate your brand's visibility

Connect with a high-profile audience in the professional realm. Explore the possibilities with our office and residential networks today.