Nokia: A DOOH Advertising Case Study

Nokia's DOOH campaign yields a +68% lift in purchase intent, showcasing the effectiveness of targeted advertising in enhancing brand consideration and loyalty.


Nokia, once a dominant force in the mobile industry, embarked on a strategic campaign from October 1, 2023, to November 20, 2023, to rejuvenate its brand awareness, consideration, and intent among consumers. 

Through an innovative Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) media campaign, Nokia aimed to reconnect with its audience and reassert its presence in the competitive mobile market. The campaign proved to be successful, generating a +68% lift in purchase intent throughout the flight.

Leveraging the unique strengths of four Screenverse networks, Nokia's campaign was meticulously designed to capture attention in various high-traffic settings:

  • Smartify Media played a pivotal role, employing 55” digital displays in both pedestrian zones and in-store retail environments, maximizing visibility and engagement with on-the-go consumers and shoppers.
  • Corner Media enhanced urban visibility through digital kiosks located in key pedestrian areas, offering not just standard displays but also large-format and innovative ad solutions to draw attention in bustling cityscapes.
  • Pursuant Health Media targeted consumers with kiosks in Walmart locations nationally, reaching an audience of 3.5 million monthly visitors, perfectly timed to influence decisions on purchases.
  • EOS Linx introduced its striking 75" digital displays at electric vehicle charging stations in strategic locations like gas stations and retail centers, ensuring high visibility and impact among consumers in various stages of their journey.

This strategy enables Nokia to create more meaningful and memorable interactions, ensuring that the brand stays top of mind. 

This case study delves into the methodologies, findings, and implications of the Nokia Brand Study, providing insights into the effectiveness of Nokia's marketing strategies.

Campaign Overview

The Nokia Brand Study was designed to assess the impact of Nokia's DOOH media campaign across three key performance indicators (KPIs): Brand Awareness, Consideration, and Intent. 

The study spanned over a period of approximately seven weeks and incorporated a survey of four questions aimed at gauging the audience's perception and responsiveness to the Nokia brand.


The survey targeted a total of 2,585 respondents, divided into two groups: 1,292 respondents who were exposed to the campaign (exposed group) and 1,293 respondents who were not exposed to the campaign (control group). This segmentation allowed for a comparative analysis to understand the campaign's direct impact.


1. Brand Awareness: The survey revealed a minimal change in brand awareness, with both the control and exposed groups reporting nearly 50% positive response rates. This outcome was anticipated for a well-established brand like Nokia, indicating a solid baseline of brand recognition.

2. Consideration: A significant positive lift in brand consideration was observed, with 23.5% of respondents expressing a higher likelihood of purchasing a Nokia device following the campaign. This demonstrates the campaign's effectiveness in enhancing consumer perception and openness towards the Nokia brand.

3. Intent: The study showed a noteworthy increase in purchase intent, with a 68% positive response rate among those surveyed. Specifically, the intent to purchase a Nokia device within the next six months saw an exceptional rise of 102.7%, highlighting a strong consumer inclination towards Nokia as a preferred choice.


The Nokia Brand Study underscores the pivotal role of targeted place-based DOOH media campaigns in strengthening brand perception and influencing consumer decision-making processes. The positive shifts in consideration and intent, in particular, signal Nokia's successful re-engagement with its audience, translating into increased market share and revenue.


Nokia's focused approach to revitalize its brand through strategic OOH advertising has yielded significant dividends in enhancing consumer consideration and purchase intent. 

This case study exemplifies the power of well-crafted marketing campaigns to not only sustain brand awareness but also to elevate consumer engagement and loyalty in a highly competitive landscape. 

As Nokia continues to innovate and connect with its audience, the insights gleaned from this study will undoubtedly inform future marketing strategies, driving sustained growth and brand resonance in the years to come. 

Screenverse looks forward to exploring the power of place-based DOOH advertising with brands across the nation!


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