High-Impact Urban Panels

Unlock a New Dimension of Street Advertising
Achieve unparalleled visibility as we have strategically positioned our urban panel inventory in key locations—lining city streets, adjacent to major points of interest and retailers, gracing renowned city centers, and occupying some of the most bustling pedestrian hubs across the nation.
A Smartify Media DOOH screen in Boston
Urban Panels: Elevating Brand Exposure to Full-Funnel Impact
The power of our urban panels deliver a comprehensive brand exposure experience. According to a groundbreaking study conducted by OAAA/Nielsen in March 2020, an astonishing 62% of viewers were moved to take a mobile action, be it making a purchase or downloading, after encountering one of our dynamic digital street-level ads.

What Sets Our Inventory Apart


Strategic Placement

Our commitment to strategic placement ensures your brand is in the spotlight where it matters most—among cityscapes, at major attractions, and within the beating heart of pedestrian traffic.

Engagement Catalyst

The effectiveness of our urban panels is a catalyst for mobile actions, translating impressions into tangible results. Whether it's a purchase or a download, your audience is prompted to take action.

Versatile Impact

Our urban panels are not just screens; they're dynamic canvases for your brand. Captivate audiences with visually compelling content, dynamic visuals, and engaging messages that leave a lasting imprint.

Reach and Scale in America’s Most Premium Locations

Unlock a metro audience at sub-metro prices with our GeoPath and PerView audited inventory, available programmatically and through direct channels.

Why Urban Panels Matter in Your Media Mix

Building a strong brand call-to-action starts with reaching your target audience where they are. Recent OAAA Nielsen studies (August 2020) show that DOOH media engage customers significantly, acting as strong triggers in the purchasing process.
registered the medium
visited the promotion site
made a purchase
with smartphones participated in promoted events
Source: OAAA’s Nielsen research, August 2020 Nielsen DOOH – Billboards, Street Furniture, Place-Based and Airports

Urban Panel Operators In Our Universe

Smartify Media

Connecting Audiences Everywhere
Smartify Media leads the way in digital outdoor advertising, employing an audience-driven strategy to engage pedestrians, vehicles, and in-store retail traffic. Featuring vibrant 55” digital displays, Smartify Media ensures visibility both in-store and among pedestrian audiences.
A Smartify Media urban panel in Chicago

Corner Media

Unmatched Presence in High-Traffic Locations
Corner Media takes center stage with digital urban kiosks strategically positioned in premier high-traffic, pedestrian locations. Boasting primarily 55” inch displays, Corner Media doesn't stop there—expect large-format spectaculars, digital directories, and other innovative ad solutions to capture attention in unique ways.

Join the urban revolution

Elevate your brand's presence with our strategically positioned urban panels. It's not just about visibility; it's about creating an immersive brand experience that resonates with your audience and drives impactful results.

Benefits for Buyers


Maximize Video Creative with Crystal-Clear HD

Elevate your campaigns with standardized :15s and :30s video ad units, including 1080x1920 (9:16) and 1536x864 (16:9).

Call-to-action in Real-Time

Utilize conditional triggers for weather changes, pollen counts, traffic patterns, or integrate real-time data for sports scores, time, temperature, countdown clocks, breaking news, and social engagement.

Stress-Free Campaign Activation

Enjoy a flight that's fraud-free, cookie-less, unblockable, programmatic, contextual, brand-safe, and entirely within your control.

Meet Your Audience Where They Are

Map our inventory based on your customer's daily routines through proximity mapping. Examples include grocery stores, pharmacies, liquor stores, commuter hubs, restaurants/bars, banks/credit unions, specific retailers like CVS, Best Buy, Panera Bread, Target, and Starbucks Coffee.

Seamless Buying Through Your DSP

Easily buy through your DSP, with us managing PMP deal creation/changes for all our media owner partners. Choose customized deal IDs for your convenience, or buy directly—whatever suits you best!

Comprehensive Measurement Solutions

Screenverse collaborates with a range of measurement providers to deliver insights into brand lift, purchase intent, foot traffic, online conversion, and more. Trust us for a full suite of measurement solutions that empower your campaign strategy.