Trailblazing Women in the Out-of-Home Industry: Screenverse Leadership

Screenverse, a leading programmatic ad-monetization partner in the digital-out-of-home industry, promotes multiple women to leadership positions across sales, human resources, and operations.

We’re only six months into the year and we’ve achieved many exciting milestones. From the expansion of our partner networks to our recent investment funding, we couldn't be more delighted to share the latest advancements in our leadership team.

Join us as we congratulate and welcome Jessica Silva as Chief Operating Officer, Laura Yepez as Vice President of People Operations, and Montana Accavallo as Vice President of Client Success and ProgrammatIc Partnerships.

At Screenverse, we are committed to empowering our people and helping them pave the way to reach their full potential. Silva, Yepez, and Accavallo have each implemented new strategies and processes, elevated their respective teams, as well as positively impacted the business. Through their continued hard work, we’re pleased to promote and highlight these wonderful women in our organization. 

Screenverse Chief Operating Officer

With more than a decade of industry experience, Jessica Silva joined Screenverse with an impressive track record of increasing revenue and client demand. Having forged her career on the agency side, along with her experience scaling startups to market success, Jess brought with her a wealth of expertise in the programmatic advertising ecosystem.

As SVP of Marketing at Screenverse, Jess oversaw the company's marketing, branding, and communications strategies. She managed every facet of the marketing department while focusing on building, motivating, and guiding the team to design and implement scalable plans and strategies for the company and each of Screenverse's esteemed media owners. Her leadership was crucial in enhancing the company's market position and driving rapid expansion.
Jess was also pivotal in shaping the function of business intelligence at Screenverse, building data visualization infrastructure to drive innovation, revenue growth, client retention, and market distinctiveness.

At the close of her first year with the company, Screenverse proudly delivered Alpha (% growth over category growth) for each partner network, with the average network achieving an impressive year-over-year sales growth of over 60%. Additionally, Jess played a pivotal role in leading Screenverse through its first Series A investment round, which resulted in Volition Capital investing $10.5 million into Screenverse in May 2024.

Moving forward, Jess will now hold the position of Chief Operating Officer. In her new role, she will oversee day-to-day operations and ensure that strategic plans are effectively implemented, which will be crucial to the company's continued success. Screenverse is poised to expand rapidly and has placed a large focus on the operational infrastructure that Jess will now steer. Jess will continue to lead the marketing team, along with the sales, customer success, and business intelligence departments.

Vice President of People Operations

Meet Screenverse’s very first hire: Laura Yepez. In March 2020, Laura joined our growing company and has been an instrumental player in the growth and success of our people and operations. With over 20+ years of OOH experience, Laura has done it all. From media planning to inventory management, sales support, supply-side partnerships, human resources, and recruiting, to payroll and accounting, there isn’t a department or deliverable that Laura hasn’t touched.

An avid member of her community, Laura ran for and won a local political campaign. She continued her responsibilities at Screenverse, as she would spend nights and weekends going door to door to speak with voters. When asked about her political career, she says “It was an amazing experience, and I continue to work locally to represent my community”.

As Vice President of People Operations, Laura will lead the recruitment of new talent, employee retention and career development, human resources, and payroll, amongst other responsibilities. 

VP of Client Success and Programmatic Partnerships

Within six months of joining Screenverse, Montana Accavallo has made a significant impact on key strategic partnerships with many major DSPs, SSPs, agencies, and our organization as a whole. With almost a decade of OOH experience, Montana brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the Screenverse universe. Her recent accomplishments include closing multiple omnichannel SSP contracts, securing over $6 million in spend initiatives for the year with key partners, and updating and simplifying network naming conventions across all major platforms. 

In her previous role as Senior Director of Programmatic Partnerships, Montana fostered new relationships with up-and-coming strategic partners, worked between major DSPs and SSPs to ensure seamless integrations, and negotiated strategic initiatives with key partners to foster growth, amongst other responsibilities. 

With her new role as Vice President of Client Success and Programmatic Partnerships, Montana will be leading both the programmatic partnership team as well as the client success teams. Her focus will be on implementing more strategic and data-driven initiatives between both teams, driving and growing larger partnerships with key partners, and developing net new relationships with omnichannel SSPs.

Representation of women in OOH:

The out-of-home advertising industry has its fair share of influential women in leadership and C-suite positions—from the President & CEO of the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) Anna Bager to the hundreds of thousands of women leading teams across agencies, DSPs, SSPs, and media networks. While we recognize the talent and accomplishments of these powerful women, we believe that more can be done to empower and increase the representation of women in senior leadership and C-suite positions.

The OOH industry is very niche and predominately comprised of men in executive positions. It’s estimated that women represent 36% of the OOH workplace, compared to the 69.5% of women in the advertising and marketing space. 

The astronauts at Screenverse

Co-founder and President Adam Malone shares his thoughts on the wonderful women at Screenverse. “We've been blessed since the outset to have smart, talented, and motivated women at the helm. 

Laura has been our rock from the beginning. She has done everything for us: accounting, HR, sales planning, and CS… and sometimes all at once! She has kept our team and culture strong, all the while raising kids, managing a small business, and winning elected office in her native Chicago! She is a pivotal voice on the leadership team, and one of the pillars of our success past, present, and future. Thank you for everything you've been for us. We love you!

Jess came in as our VP of marketing and immediately established herself as a force of nature. As a result of her machine-like productivity, gift for management, and savvy strategic mind, it was obvious she was a star, and we needed to let her shine! Within 4 months, we doubled her budget, added talent to her team, and quickly invited her to join the leadership team. Over the next year, Jess led projects across the organization… and not the fun or glamorous kind either! She simply delivers against everything she sets her sights on, and for that reason and more, we are elated to welcome her as the first member of the Screenverse "C-Suite" as our Chief Operations Officer. Well earned, partner!

We received so much encouraging feedback from the market when we announced the hire of Montana Accavallo as our Senior Director of Programmatic Partnerships six months ago, and let me tell you... she is worth the hype! She has a powerful mixture of confidence, creativity, and grace. A combination that yields bounties for the clients she serves and the teammates she inspires. She has a "watch me" leadership style and a willingness to take on new challenges and opportunities. We are pleased to elevate Montana as the Vice President and leader of our CS and Programmatic Partnership teams. Congratulations Montana!”

Careers at Screenverse

We’re proud to share that almost half of our team (46%) are women across sales, marketing, supply partnerships, client success, and operations.

Join us as we pave the future of programmatic digital-out-of-home. Our team is looking for talented individuals across multiple departments.

Work from anywhere in the world and enjoy comprehensive benefits and perks. We invite you to learn more about our team, culture, and exciting career opportunities. Browse our open positions and apply today.

Screenverse is An Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants shall receive equal consideration regardless of race, color, religion, gender, marital status, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, age, veteran status, or disability.


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