16:9 Podcast: David Weinfeld on How Screenverse Sells and Manages for Companies with Screens

Discover how Screenverse is transforming DOOH advertising by managing ad sales for companies, as detailed by CEO David Weinfeld on the 16:9 Podcast.

16:9 Podcast

In a recent episode of the 16:9 Podcast, David Weinfeld, CEO and Co-founder of Screenverse, shared insightful details about how Screenverse is revolutionizing the digital advertising landscape. Founded on the premise that advertising, particularly in the digital out-of-home (DOOH) space, can be challenging for companies not specialized in this field, Screenverse offers a unique solution. The startup has carved a niche for itself by taking on the ad sales and management responsibilities for companies with screen networks, allowing them to concentrate on their core competencies.

A standout example of Screenverse's impact is its collaboration with TouchTunes, where it has taken the reins of the ad display side of the business. This partnership exemplifies Screenverse's ability to enhance and streamline the advertising process for companies, enabling them to focus on their primary business areas such as music content curation and licensing.

David Weinfeld's journey in the industry, along with his partner Adam Malone, is a testament to their expertise and vision. Despite launching Screenverse on the eve of what can only be described as a challenging period for the advertising industry, their company has not only survived but thrived. This success is further underscored by a significant partnership with The Danaher Group, enhancing Screenverse's sales experience and business connections.

The podcast provided a deep dive into how Screenverse fills a vital gap in the market. For companies looking to monetize their screen networks without the inherent complexities of ad sales and media operations, Screenverse emerges as a clear leader. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of DOOH advertising and how innovative solutions like Screenverse are setting the stage for a more efficient and focused approach to digital advertising.



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