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Meet the visionary minds behind our success—individuals who bring a wealth of experience, innovation, and a shared passion for pushing boundaries.

David Weinfeld 

CEO & Co-founder
David leads all aspects of the business, including SSP and DSP partnerships, product roadmap, and company culture. 

With over 13 years of experience in digital signage and digital out-of-home media, David has a diverse background that spans from launching DOOH networks to building supply-side sales practices. 

As Vistar Media's first supply sales hire and team leader, David grew the company's global SSP media owner partners from 30 to over 120, and was responsible for key partnerships and building a multi-million dollar SaaS business. 

David resides in Westfield, NJ, with his wife Catherine Weinfeld and two children.

Adam Malone

President & Co-founder
Adam leads marketing, network development, and finance efforts, with a focus on putting people and partners at the forefront. 

With over 13 years of experience in the out-of-home media sector, Adam has a successful track record, including leading the growth of DOmedia where he developed new products, partnerships, and international market opportunities. 

When he left DOmedia in 2019, it had an 18.5% North American market share and powered over $1.5B in annual OOH transactions. 

Before co-founding Screenverse, Adam served as a Client Director at Wilkins Media, a prominent out-of-home media agency. 

Adam resides in Rockville, MD, with his wife Mary Frances and four children.

Edric Chan

SVP of Programmatic
Edric brings a wealth of experience in the programmatic advertising industry, having previously held key roles at Insticator, Kargo, The Trade Desk, Time. Inc, and Condé Nast Digital.

Based in New York City, Mr. Chan grew to be a global monetization leader across demand and supply, having spearheaded the evolution of automation within the programmatic sphere.

Edric has championed the industry by ensuring strong, long-term and profitable partnerships with DSPs, exchanges, and other sources of programmatic demand as well as contributing to the success of numerous high-profile strategic partnerships. Having contributed to the programmatic automation of Connected TV (CTV) ad serving, Edric has set his sights on the Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) sector as he looks to the next boom in the industry.

Erik Osmond

VP of Engineering
Erik's journey into the world of engineering took an unexpected turn, beginning with his studies in history and business after initially considering an engineering major. However, his innate passion for problem-solving and technology soon surfaced.

Erik's professional journey kicked off in finance, where he discovered his penchant for writing Excel macros, sparking his interest in programming. Transitioning to Quality Assurance (QA) roles, Erik honed his skills at DOmedia and later moved to MediaMath, where he played a crucial role in automated QA, contributing to the development of the bidder.

Erik's career trajectory led him to an engineering role on the billing team, and he continued to ascend the ranks, eventually reaching the position of Principal Architect at an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) company specializing in serving public schools. After five successful years there, destiny intervened when his lifelong friend, Adam Malone, informed him of engineering opportunities at Screenverse.

Joining Screenverse, Erik brought with him a wealth of experience and a dynamic skill set. As our VP of Engineering, he leads with a unique blend of financial acumen, programming expertise, and a strong foundation in architectural design. Erik's journey showcases his adaptability, passion for innovation, and commitment to excellence, making him an invaluable asset to the Screenverse team.

Jessica Silva

SVP of Marketing 
Jessica Silva (formerly Jess Reilly) is a marketing professional with a wealth of experience and a track record of driving success for globally recognized brands. For more than a decade, Jess has helped Fortune 500 companies worldwide experience meteoric expansion thanks to her intellect in marketing strategy and execution.

Serving as the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Screenverse, Jess is at the forefront of cutting-edge marketing strategies for both external clients and the company itself. Her expertise in data analysis and evaluation is instrumental in educating the industry about transacting programmatically for buying Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising.

Jess is a seasoned leader with a focus on data-driven attribution and omnichannel advertising who has built creative, paid media, SEO, and data science departments at world-class agencies with weapons-grade precision.

Jess has also had the pleasure to speak nationwide about the state of the digital marketing industry and the impact of changing technology in the market. Her experiences leading marketing departments, spearheading new business initiatives, and driving exceptional results make her an invaluable asset to Screenverse.

Laura Yepez

VP of Operations
Laura Yepez leads Human Operations and Accounting for Screenverse.  As one of the first members of the team, Laura was instrumental in setting Screenverse up for success. She laid the groundwork for internal communications, media planning, accounting practices and revenue reporting.  And as the head of human operations, Laura leads talent recruitment, employee benefits, performance management and most importantly, company culture. 

With over 20 years of Out-of-Home (OOH) experience, Laura has worked on key accounts at leading agencies and has built strong relationships within the OOH community.  She has mentored many who continue to thrive in OOH and has deep ties with many OOH media partners. 

Laura has a beating entrepreneurial spirit, owning a small business of her own for over 20 years. She is heavily involved with local chambers of commerce, community organizations and serves on the local school council. Laura recently graduated from Illinois Women in Leadership training academy that prepares women to run for office. And as a mom of four high school teenagers, she is an expert in multitasking and prioritizing moments that matter.

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East Coast Sales Director @Screenverse
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Junior Developer @Screenverse
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Midwest Sales Director @Screenverse
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Senior Developer @Screenverse
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Client Services Manager @Screenverse
Junko Yoshimaru
Junior Developer @Screenverse
Karen Brand
Implementation Specialist @Screenverse
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Associate Marketing Director @Screenverse
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Media Ops Manager @Screenverse
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Director of Customer Success  
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Director of Client Services
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Marketing Associate
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Supply Partnership Associate
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Client Services Manager

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